Start Trading Crypto with Security & Control – Olliv by Coin Flip

• Coin Flip introduces Olliv, a crypto platform aimed at beginners.
• The platform allows users to access simple financial services and maintain control of their assets and data.
• The goal is to empower people to invest in the digital economy with individual ownership of their assets.

Coin Flip Introduces Olliv

Coin Flip, a leading crypto and fintech company, has launched a new platform called Olliv designed for beginners looking to invest or trade in cryptocurrency. It features self-custodial wallets that allow users to buy, sell, trade, and receive digital currencies without third parties or prying eyes.

CEO Comments on New Platform

Ben Weiss – CEO and co-founder of Coin Flip – believes the new platform will “demystify cryptocurrency” by providing an inviting community for everyone regardless of their financial knowledge or background. He hopes it will contribute to the future of DeFi and continue to innovate and break down barriers around safety, security, and sovereignty.

CTO Comments on Future Vision

Rory Herriman – chief technology, digital, and strategy officer at Coin Flip – envisions a future where everyone can take part in the digital economy without needing frustrating third-party intermediaries. His vision for Olliv is one that empowers people to invest with individual ownership over their assets thanks to the accessibility cryptocurrency provides.

Goal Behind Olliv

The main goal behind launching Olliv is giving more people an opportunity to enter the crypto arena with ease by introducing them into simple financial services as they would find in any other market type. This way they can take part in everyday purchases such as precious metals, real estate, energy etc., all while maintaining control over their data and identity through self-custodial wallets.

Earn Your First Bitcoin

In addition to introducing users into the world of cryptocurrency trading with ease; Coin Flip also offers rewards such as up $3,000 referral bonuses when signing up along with a $12 bonus just for joining!