Crypto Regulation: A Group Effort for Global Success

• The Union Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman, has commented that crypto regulation must be a group effort.
• She believes that for crypto regulation to work and be secure, every developed nation needs to step in and take part in a global regulatory initiative.
• Crypto regulation has become a major subject ever since the collapse of the now defunct crypto exchange FTX.

Nirmala Sitharaman: Crypto Regulation Must Be a Group Effort

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman of India commented that crypto regulation has become a major priority for several finance ministers and central bank governors of G20 countries. She commented that during this year’s summit, crypto regulation is likely to be a hot topic that many of them will discuss. Nirmala Sitharaman also mentioned that crypto regulation will likely have to be enforced by all nations in order for it to truly work and be secure.

The Collapse of the Now Defunct Crypto Exchange FTX

Crypto regulation has become a major subject ever since the collapse of the now defunct crypto exchange FTX. There are many people out there who have become increasingly worried about what happened and claim that if such a fall could occur with FTX, then virtually no crypto company is safe. One of the big issues with FTX was the idea that it had very weak accounting procedures which allowed its former head executive and founder Sam Bankman-Fried to use customer funds to pay off loans for his other company Alameda Research as well as invest in luxury Bahamian real estate.

Issues With Crypto Regulation

The problem with enforcing cryptocurrency regulations is that it goes against all cryptocurrency stands for and thus allows middlemen into the mix. Edul Patel – co-founder and CEO of Mudrex – said he thinks that if global regulations were put into place, it would take quite some time to develop laws which foster responsible growth and innovation within this space. Rajagopal Menon – vice president at Wazir X – also added his thoughts on this matter by saying “with India as the president” implying India may lead this global initiative when it comes down to enforcing international standards on cryptocurrencies worldwide.

Group Effort Needed For Crypto Regulation

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman mentioned how important it is for countries around the world to come together in order to implement effective regulations regarding cryptocurrencies so they can prevent similar events like what happened with FTX from occurring again in future times! She claims these regulations cannot be done by any one country alone but rather should require collaboration between nations in order for them work properly & securely!


In conclusion, we can see how important it is becoming for different governments around the world to come together & agree upon measures needful so we can keep cryptocurrencies safe from malicious actors who may try & use them illegally or fraudulently! With more collaboration between parties involved, hopefully soon enough we’ll see better regulations implemented which will ensure everyone using digital currencies does so responsibly!