Crypto Gaining Popularity as Banks Fall: Earn your First Bitcoin Today!

• Crypto, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, is becoming increasingly popular as bank failures mount.
• Banks such as First Republic are being taken over by giants like JPMorgan Chase.
• Calls for crypto regulation have been intensifying in the wake of FTX’s crash.

Bank Failures Spur Popularity of Crypto

As banks around the world continue to fail, crypto – particularly Bitcoin and Ethereum – is becoming increasingly popular among those looking to keep their finances safe. This has been especially true in the wake of First Republic’s failure, which was ultimately absorbed by JPMorgan Chase, a prominent figure from the 2008 financial crisis.

Growing Maturity in Crypto

Elliot Han – head of crypto, blockchain, and digital asset investments at Cantor Fitzgerald – commented that there has been a lot more maturity and experimentation coming into the space recently. He also mentioned that calls for regulation have grown significantly in recent months following the crash of FTX , one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges.

The SEC as a Bully

The U.S.’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has come under fire for its approach towards regulating crypto companies; rather than reason with them or work things out with the industry, they have instead taken an aggressive approach by targeting major companies such as Coinbase .

Growing Investor Confidence

Bradley Duke – co-chief executive at ETC Group – believes that well-conceived regulations would help improve investor confidence and encourage enterprise growth and job creation. Without these regulations however, it could lead to retraction within the sector due to uncertainty.


Crypto is gaining more traction as banks continue to fail around the world; many people are turning away from traditional banking methods to ensure their financial stability instead opting for Bitcoin or other forms of cryptocurrency. Despite this increase in popularity though, there still remains no proper regulatory framework set up for these digital assets yet; while needed to create investor confidence and promote enterprise growth, it appears that government agencies such as SEC are more interested in enforcing their own will on these companies rather than helping them out through reasonable dialogue.