Buy Real Estate in Texas with BTC & ETH – My E Listing

• Texas startup My E Listing is launching a website that will allow users to purchase real estate with digital currency.
• The initiative is expected to drive innovation in the crypto and real estate industries.
• They understand the initial purpose of bitcoin and digital currencies and are trying to transform them into usable tools that everyday people can benefit from.

Texas Startup Lets You Buy Real Estate with Crypto

Texas startup My E Listing is launching a website that allows users to purchase real estate in the Lone Star State with digital currency. Currently, properties can only be purchased with either Bitcoin or Ethereum, but the company plans to extend its digital currency capabilities in the coming months.

CEO’s Vision for Innovation

My E Listing CEO Caleb Richter stated in an interview: “This initiative will drive innovation in the crypto and real estate industries. Real estate commerce needs to be changed.“ He went on to explain how it’s difficult enough as it is to buy property locally—let alone abroad—and this move is pushing bitcoin and its digital counterparts closer to becoming viable payment tools, as originally intended when they were first created.

Volatility Keeps Retailers Away

Despite its potential, many stores and companies are still reluctant to accept cryptocurrency payments due to their volatility; if someone buys $50 worth of merchandise with Bitcoin and 24 hours later the price of BTC goes down so that it’s now worth $40, then the store has essentially lost money on the transaction. It’s scenarios like these which make enterprises like My E Listing so important—they understand bitcoin’s original purpose and are trying to make it more user-friendly for everyday people.

Texas Crypto Hub

Texas has long been a large hub for crypto businesses as well as miners who have been expelled from China due to their practice of extracting new coins being prohibited there. With initiatives such as My E Listing, Texas is continuing its legacy of pushing forward cryptocurrency acceptance across different industries not just within the state but beyond too.


The goal of making cryptocurrency more accessible for everyday use by integrating it into something tangible like real estate purchases is one step closer thanks to startups like My E Listing who are committed innovating towards this mission despite market volatility concerns..