Bitcoin No Longer the Inflation Hedge? Paul Tudor Jones Weighs In

• Paul Tudor Jones, a billionaire hedge fund manager and Bitcoin bull, believes that the days of buying Bitcoin as an inflation hedge may be over.
• The US Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates to combat inflation, which has led to weak economic policies and trillions of dollars in spending bills.
• Despite this, Jones still encourages people to keep Bitcoin as part of their portfolio.

Paul Tudor Jones: BTC’s Days as an Inflation Hedge Are Over

The Idea

Bitcoin fans have long believed that buying bitcoin would protect their wealth from inflation and other dollar-crushing maneuvers. This idea was gaining traction until recently when Paul Tudor Jones – a bitcoin bull and billionaire hedge fund manager – suggested it may have reached its peak and is coming to an end.

Inflation in the US

Inflation has been striking the US from all sides for well over a year. To counteract this, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates, but this tactic hasn’t done much except destroy crypto prices and prevent people from gaining access to the American dream.

Jones‘ Prediction

Jones commented: If inflation is truly done a bit, if that story’s been played, then you have to wonder… We were buying gold and bitcoin for the inflation hedges. That game may be over.

Despite This…

Despite his prediction that the days of using BTC as an inflation hedge are over, he still encourages people to keep it as part of their portfolio. He stated: “I think it makes perfect sense for anyone who can handle risk to own some bitcoin… I think everyone should own some bitcoin.“

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, while Paul Tudor Jones believes that using Bitcoin as an inflation hedge may no longer make sense due to Fed rate hikes, he still recommends keeping it in one’s portfolio for potential gains down the line.